22 Restaurant Advertising Ideas Driving Guests To Tables In 2022

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After two years of only being able to order takeout and having to wear a mask when not at the table, restaurants are poised to bounce back in 2022. Takeaway Ideas For Restaurant Advertising In 2022. Recommended Reading: Simple Restaurant Marketing Plan for 2022 [PDF Template].

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Restaurant Inventory Management Technology Improves Efficiency

Restaurant Technology Guys

The post Restaurant Inventory Management Technology Improves Efficiency appeared first on Restaurant Technology Guys. Restaurants need the latest and most efficient restaurant inventory management tools to ensure a smooth business flow and stay completely stocked and informed.


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Upgrading Restaurant Technology in 2022

Focus POS

4 Ways to Upgrade Your Restaurant Technology in 2022. Whether it be an upgrade or adding new to your business, here are four major restaurant technologies you should consider in the new year. Offer convenience and reach a larger audience by simply upgrading your technologies.

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Restaurant Conferences to Attend in 2022

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Advertised as a place for “uninterrupted private meetings between decision-makers and solution providers,” BITAC allows for several in-depth conversations between attendees and suppliers of equipment , furnishings, and technology needed to scale and sustain a restaurant business.

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Using AI to Test Innovative Restaurant Employee Communication and Scheduling Models

AI technology is helping restaurateurs rise to complex labor challenges and laws with machine learning solutions that improve working conditions for staff, leading to happier employees who stay onboard and bring their best to work.

Trending Restaurant Technology of 2022

Goliath Consulting

The restaurant industry has been slowly adopting new innovative technology and digital solutions as of recent. Since 2020, this has led to an increase of new technology systems for restaurants and helped them adapt to a new digital reality.

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Seven Restaurant Trends That Will Define 2022

Modern Restaurant Management

Though many of the market forces that shaped the restaurant industry in 2021 were closely linked to disruption from the pandemic's onset in 2020, 2022 brings new challenges — and opportunities. Following are some of the major restaurant trends to watch out for in 2022.

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R365 Brings Restaurant Technology Innovation & Celebration to 2022 Show


Restaurant365 will be at the center of the nearly 600,000-square-foot show with almost four dozen team members ready to connect, talk shop, and discuss R365’s latest restaurant technology innovations. ” Restaurant technology to meet the industry’s evolving needs.

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Six Trends to Expect from Back of House in 2022

Modern Restaurant Management

Trends that accelerated because of COVID and new trends emerging out of the pandemic will begin changing the face of restaurant technology. Here are six things you can expect to see in back-of-house tech in 2022. Better Integrations with Other Technology.

5 Ways Technology can Boost Kitchen Efficiency

Restaurant Technology Guys

Technology is making kitchens more efficient every day. Here are 5 ways technology is improving kitchen operations everywhere. The post 5 Ways Technology can Boost Kitchen Efficiency appeared first on Restaurant Technology Guys.

Scheduling Headaches? AI Can Solve Them

Machine learning proves to be effective for predictive scheduling and empowers employees by giving them more control over their lives and schedules. Download this guide to find out more!

5 Restaurant Technologies Taking Root


Restaurant technology has grown in the last few years. Apps are more intuitive than ever, websites are smarter and technology can help hiring and retention, delivery and operations. Technology, it seems, is making the restaurant industry bigger and better.

2022 Trends: Meeting Challenges and Industry Evolution

Modern Restaurant Management

How is technology shaping the future of restaurants and giving brands a competitive edge? Operators have been adding to their tech stacks for the last five years or more but solving one problem can create another if your technologies aren’t well integrated.

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Technology Upgrades That Make a Difference

Modern Restaurant Management

Though much ink has been spilled over the difficult hurdles restaurants survived — and thrived — through, it’s also important to highlight the positive changes that are transforming the industry, and that includes technology. Technology, Then and Now.

Why Restaurants Should Prioritize Technology In 2023 Budgets

Modern Restaurant Management

For many, that solution lies in technology such as self-service kiosks, QR codes, and online ordering. Come 2023, it will be increasingly important for restaurants to factor technology into their budgets to adapt to the changing economic landscape and better meet consumer demand.

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Leverage Technology that Streamlines Your Back-Office Work

Modern Restaurant Management

Let Technology Do the Back-Office Work. They need intuitive technology that enables them to be relevant inside the four walls of their restaurant. Equipment Operations leverage technology back office tech spoton

Restaurant Startup Trends To Follow In 2022

The Restaurant Times

The labour shortfall and supply chain constraints that plagued 2021 have persisted into 2022. Investing in labour-saving technologies and providing simple and fewer menu selections, for example, has allowed them to free up cash flow and recruit more people or raise compensation.

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Why Today’s Customer Experience Requires Technology, Human Touch


From my perspective, there is no greater silver lining from COVID-19 for the industry than this: operators fast-tracked the adoption of technology by nearly four years to better meet guest needs and streamline operations. The kitchen also offers many opportunities to use technology.

The ultimate guide to restaurant technology for restaurant owners

Open for Business

Restaurant technology has changed everything about the way people do business today. Technology in the restaurant industry makes wait times less frustrating for guests. For a restaurant to run smoothly, opt for a technological solution.

How Technology Tools Help Restaurateurs Do More With Less

Modern Restaurant Management

Thanks to restaurant technologies, it’s possible to not only deliver a superior customer experience — the crux of hospitality — but also take things to the next level. Thankfully, restaurant technologies can play a dual role.

Restaurants Implementing Technology Today Are Better Prepared for the Disruptions of Tomorrow

Modern Restaurant Management

With new problems come opportunities for new innovations, and technology has been a vital resource for restaurants during the pandemic. Technology has helped restaurants survive the pandemic, but it has also become a regular part of the dining experience for millions of customers.

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The Digital Foodie: Top Trends That Will Drive 2022 Restaurant Marketing

Modern Restaurant Management

With 2022 now under way, I expect we’ll see more interesting ways that brands try to distinguish themselves as they try to deliver greater value, boost loyalty and invest in technology to improve the customer experience.

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Top Restaurant Technology Trends To Shape The F&B Industry In 2022

The Restaurant Times

Over the years, the use of cloud applications has witnessed a surge, and now, the technology has become popular across the F&B sector. Many restaurateurs are realizing the potential of leveraging technology and looking for ways to utilize its full potential.

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NCR Reveals 2022 Hospitality Trends and Predictions

Modern Restaurant Management

Restaurant operators once again find themselves refocusing priorities and altering their plans for 2022. Here are some trends NCR is watching as move into 2022. Rely on Technology to Increase Operational Efficiency.

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In their 2022 Global Restaurant Trends Forecast , Technomic predicts that “2022 is all about labor, supply disruption, and inflation.” For example, implementing technology saved retailers 16.5

Hungry for Growth: The Restaurant Industry in 2022

Modern Restaurant Management

Some have even developed lucrative new business models that they will continue to apply and scale in 2022. Several other pandemic-related trends will continue into 2022 and beyond, and new trends will also emerge. More Technology and Digital Solutions.

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152. Restaurant Technology Guys Podcast Ep. 152 – Matt from ClearCOGS

Restaurant Technology Guys

Now he’s leveraging technology, serving restaurants customized forecasting tools tailored to their unique operational needs. Restaurant Technology Guys Podcast Ep. 152 – Matt from ClearCOGS appeared first on Restaurant Technology Guys.

Restaurant Holiday Cyber Safety Tips for 2022

Goliath Consulting

The post Restaurant Holiday Cyber Safety Tips for 2022 appeared first on. Cybersecurity Restaurants Safety and Security Technology & Innovation business safety business safety tips CISA cybersecurity tips holiday safety holiday safety tips software technology

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MRM Research Roundup: 2022 Restaurant Trends

Modern Restaurant Management

The pandemic has permanently altered the consumer-restaurant relationship with operators investing in technology and real estate to align with changing consumer preferences, according to the 2021 Restaurant Franchise Pulse survey, conducted by TD Bank. Hot Restaurant Trends to Watch in 2022.

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Three Ways Technology Can Help Restaurants Navigate the Challenges of Inflation

Modern Restaurant Management

Just as with COVID shutdowns and supply chain issues, restaurant technology can help operators continue providing great service even with high costs for them and customers alike. Adopt In-House Technology to Improve Service and Reduce Errors.

Latest Payment Technology Trends for Restaurant Checkout

Modern Restaurant Management

Payment technology data could help with forecasting store demand patterns and identifying demand drivers. Equipment Finance Operations restaurant payment trends payment technology restaurant and payment technology restaurant payment

Popular Restaurant Technology Trends to Watch in 2022

Social Hospitality

Restaurants aren’t always at the forefront of implementing new technology. However, recent world events and their aftermath have led to a rapid influx of technological advancements in the industry. The Importance of Technology in Food Businesses.

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5 Restaurant Technologies Taking Root


Restaurant technology has grown in the last few years. Apps are more intuitive than ever, websites are smarter and technology can help hiring and retention, delivery and operations. Technology, it seems, is making the restaurant industry bigger and better.

MRM EXCLUSIVE: Restaurants Going Digital Require Technology That Always Works

Modern Restaurant Management

Internet of Things (IoT) technology. The challenge is all this new technology needs support to keep everything working seamlessly across the front and back of the house, the internet, and for behind-the-scenes management.

159. Restaurant Technology Guys Podcast Ep. 159 – ComData the originators of PayCards talk the value of daily pay in the restaurants

Restaurant Technology Guys

Restaurant Technology Guys Podcast Ep. 159 – ComData the originators of PayCards talk the value of daily pay in the restaurants appeared first on Restaurant Technology Guys.

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151. Restaurant Technology Guys Podcast Ep. 151 – Phil Crawford

Restaurant Technology Guys

Crawford leads CKE’s Digital and Technology functions and is responsible for building a technology-forward, data-driven company that exceeds consumers/ evolving expectations. Crawford has over 20 years of experience in C-Level Technology rolls.

Five Ways Restaurant Technology Makes or Breaks Business

Modern Restaurant Management

With today’s labor shortage and record-high resignations, restaurants cannot afford to lose workers, and technology should not be a bottleneck for workers to perform their job. Scale smoothly when new technology emerges. According to the U.S.

The 2022 Perfect Daily Grind holiday coffee gift guide

Perfect Daily Grind

Read on for the 2022 Perfect Daily Grind holiday coffee gift guide! The Compass uses infrared technology to accurately measure the temperature of brewed coffee. Marco ’s automatic brewer includes pulse-brewing technology to ensure even extraction, and even features an iced coffee mode.

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team is excited to return to the National Restaurant Association Show, beginning on May 21 st , 2022. We can’t wait to show you how our technology creates a better back-of-house. AT THE NATIONAL RESTAURANT ASSOCIATION SHOW 2022 appeared first on TransAct Restaurant Solutions.

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How Restaurants Can Overcome Staffing Shortages with Holistic Talent Acquisition Technology

Modern Restaurant Management

According to a new National Restaurant Association Report , around 50 percent of restaurant operators expect that recruiting and retaining employees will be their top challenge throughout 2022, and 75 percent said they plan to devote more resources to recruiting and retaining employees.