MRM Research Roundup: 2022 Restaurant Trends

Modern Restaurant Management

The Pandemic Has Permanently Altered the Consumer-Restaurant Relationships. According to this year's survey, restaurant operators' early investment in delivery and mobile ordering has paid off in a big way. " Restaurant real estate changes to align with consumer preference.

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Minimum Wage Updates: January 2022

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Minimum Wage Updates: January 2022. To ensure you stay compliant, we’ve compiled every jurisdiction upping their minimum wage, tip credits, and/or tipped cash wage rates starting January 1, 2022. Hotel workers” applies to anyone working inside a hotel, including restaurant workers.

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Restaurant Groups Offering Benefit Plans Should Be Thinking About These 2022 Legal Challenges

Modern Restaurant Management

Please send questions to Modern Restaurant Management (MRM) magazine Executive Editor Barbara Castiglia at For this month’s piece, we offer some items for consideration that most directly affect operations in the restaurant sector.

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Pest Trends for 2022: The Year of the Rodent

Modern Restaurant Management

Labor and supply shortages continue to impact everything from grocery stores, to restaurants and distribution centers. Rentokil pest experts across the country expect to see an increase in pest activity in 2022. Design Equipment restaurant pest trends pest trends rentokil pests

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How to Build Customer Trust with QR Codes

Modern Restaurant Management

However, there are security concerns with this growing technology, which largely stem from customers sharing data that restaurants could then sell. Here are four ways to foster responsible QR code use and optimize your restaurant operations in the process.

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United States Supreme Court Imposes Stay on OSHA Vaccine Mandate: What Does it Mean for Restaurants?

Modern Restaurant Management

Following an expedited hearing on January 7, 2022, the United States Supreme Court granted a petition for stay of enforcement of OSHA’s COVID-19 Vaccination and Testing; Emergency Temporary Standard that would have been imposed on employers of 100 or more employees.

2022 130

Is the ‘Future of Food’ the Future We Want?


THE FIRST NATIONAL RESTAURANT TO DELIVER BY AIR.”. “We’re Why should geography determine what restaurants you can order from? I ate one meal at Sadelle’s, a restaurant from Major Food Group whose first location is in New York’s Soho. The same goes for virtual restaurants.

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How To Acquire Permits To Start A Restaurant In The US

The Restaurant Times

If you are planning to start a restaurant in the US , you will typically focus on things like the menu, location, décor, POS system , etc., However, certain aspects may prove to be a logistical hurdle, such as obtaining the necessary licenses and permits to start a restaurant.

2022 52

The Last Days of Mexico City’s Cafes Chinos


Founded by Chinese immigrants to Mexico City in the early 20th century, cafes chinos were small restaurants popular with the city’s working class, offering a cheap, fast meal and a friendly meeting point for the neighborhood. The famous bread at Café Allende is displayed in the window.

2022 87

Is Your Ice Cream Too Cold? Lessons in Fighting Friendly Fraud

Modern Restaurant Management

This trend has been noted across the world and more often than not, these requests are satisfied, and it is the restaurant who’s footing the bill. In 2022 and beyond, many among us have decided that the future of their F&B business is also online.

2022 143

10 Platforms Making it Easier for Chefs & Caterers to Scale Up Their Food Business

The Food Corridor

These platforms come in a variety of forms, but they have one thing in common: they help chefs and virtual restaurant brands get their food out to customers more efficiently for a more direct exchange of revenue.

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Upcoming Compliance Labor Laws in Chicago

7 Shifts

Legal and other matters referred to in this article are based on 7shifts' interpretation of laws existing at the time and should not be relied on in place of professional legal advice. When Does the Law Go into Effect? What Workers Does the Law Affect? What Does the Law Mandate?

I Miss Few Things More Than Eavesdropping in Restaurants


There is perhaps no better place to overhear a conversation than in a restaurant, and given that indoor spaces are associated with higher rates of COVID-19 transmission, I’ve mostly stayed away from them. Before the pandemic, restaurants were a place where eavesdropping was easy and abundant.

2022 94

It’s Time to Get Rid of Calorie Counts on Menus


Given that Americans eat one in five of our calories at restaurants, the logic was that maybe you’d choose a smaller soda, or a side salad instead of fries, if you were faced with raw numbers. A similar law went into effect in California in 2009. Photo by Chris Hondros/ Getty Images.

2022 109

Season Two of ‘Emily in Paris’ Is Still Inedible Tripe


To the extent that the new season has a plot, which itself is iffy, it chiefly concerns the opening of a new restaurant by Gabriel (Last Name Unknown), the love interest and a PR client of Emily Cooper, the show’s chirpy protagonist. Netflix.

2022 87

Key Disruptions Rocking the Restaurant Franchise Space

Modern Restaurant Management

Like veritably all businesses in the post pandemic era, those operating in the restaurant, café, food truck or other type of F&B franchise space are experiencing a wave of major change—as is the franchising trade at large.

Keeping Restaurants in Business: Sick, Safe, and Vaccination Leave in New York

Modern Restaurant Management

Laws affecting restaurants have changed frequently over the past year, largely with restrictions on capacity and indoor dining, and the employer-employee relationship has endured changes and challenges as well. New York State’s COVID-19 Vaccination Leave Law.

May/June 2021 Legal Update

Modern Restaurant Management

Nair, a partner at Ervin Cohen & Jessup LLP compiles recent legal news affecting the restaurant, food and beverage and hospitality industries for Modern Restaurant Management (MRM) magazine. The bill will likely be back before the California legislature in January 2022.

2021 153

July/August 2021 Legal Update

Modern Restaurant Management

Nair, a partner at Ervin Cohen & Jessup LLP compiles recent legal news affecting the restaurant, food and beverage and hospitality industries for Modern Restaurant Management (MRM) magazine. The uncertain status of the RRF leaves hundreds of thousands of restaurants in limbo.

2021 146

MRM Research Roundup: Mid-September 2021 Edition

Modern Restaurant Management

Looking at the labor shortage over the last three months, it's clear that many small businesses are moving backwards in their recovery, especially restaurants. That's because a whopping 85 percent of restaurant owners now report it’s very difficult to find the right help.

2021 129

New & Notable: TEAM Schostak Celebrates 40, AI in Food Service and Beachy Tech

Modern Restaurant Management

TEAM Schostak Family Restaurants (TSFR) is celebrating its 40th anniversary along with the anniversaries of employees that have been with the company for 20 years or more. These changes go into effect in October for the launch of the 2022 call for entry period.

March/April 2021 Legal Update

Modern Restaurant Management

Nair, a partner at Ervin Cohen & Jessup LLP compiles recent legal news affecting the restaurant, food and beverage and hospitality industries for Modern Restaurant Management (MRM) magazine. The law will remain in effect through September 30, 2021. Nair restaurant legal new

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What the Stimulus Bill Means for Restaurants

Modern Restaurant Management

history, into law. The act provides some relief for restaurant owners in forgivable paycheck protection loans and tax relief. To qualify, the restaurant must have been in operation on January 31, 2020 and have 500 employees or less.

2022 138

Rising Restaurant Minimum Wage: What to Know for 2021

Touch Bistro

from $7.25/hour, restaurant operators are starting to think about how they will adjust their businesses to a $15 restaurant minimum wage. and provinces in Canada) have already increased their restaurant minimum wage and tipped minimum wage in the past few years.

2021 83

MRM Franchise Feed: Jeremiah’s Opens 50th During 25th Anniversary, Wahlburgers Wild and Robotic Pizza

Modern Restaurant Management

MRM's Franchise Feed features news on the restaurant franchise and MUFSO landscape. Per the terms of the agreement, the group will build 50 new Taco John’s restaurants by March 31, 2026 with options to develop an additional 150 restaurants.

Best Practices to Navigate OSHA’s ETS Vaccine Policy

Modern Restaurant Management

The ETS covers approximately 84 million employees, including the vast majority of those in the restaurant industry. While not exhaustive, the below steps are designed to help restaurants navigate compliance with the ETS and potential fallout with staff: Step 1 – Does the ETS Apply to Me?

MRM Franchise Feed: Überrito Getting Aggressive and Cinnaholic Success

Modern Restaurant Management

MRM Franchise Feed features the latest news in the restaurant franchise and MUFSO landscape. UNO Pizzeria & Grill will provide its General Managers at the restaurant level with two round-trip airline tickets to travel anywhere in the continental United States.

MRM Research Roundup: End-of-January 2020 Super Bowl Edition

Modern Restaurant Management

This edition of Modern Restaurant Management (MRM) magazine's Research Roundup features an economic report from Yelp, super Super Bowl stats, delivery trends, megatrends, best cities for BBQ and top venues. Restaurant, food, and nightlife businesses were collectively down by 1.3

2020 127

Senior Analyst Michael Halen on the State of Restaurant Industry

Restaurant Engine

“Social distancing measures, primarily the dining room closures, have really hurt restaurant sales throughout late March through May,” said Bloomberg restaurant analyst Michael Halen today on national radio. As of mid-May , employment in the restaurant industry had halved.

MRM Research Roundup: End-of-January 2021 Edition

Modern Restaurant Management

This edition of MRM Research Roundup features the latest restaurant sales stats, brand loyalty, Valentine's Day spending plans and more. The fourth quarter was not good for restaurant sales; each month posted worse same-store sales growth than the previous month, according to Black Box Guest Intelligence. There are many factors that contributed to poor restaurant sales in November and December. Restaurant guests in Tampa-St. restaurants and bars lost 5.8

2021 90

Restaurants Have Lost $120B, Losses to Double by Year End

Restaurant Engine

restaurant industry has lost $120 billion of revenues from March to May this year due to the coronavirus, according to a definitive National Restaurant Association survey of 3,800 restaurant operators. million jobs were added at restaurants and bars. The U.S

MRM Franchise Feed: Frictionless QDOBA and Crisp & Greens Goes National

Modern Restaurant Management

Modern Restaurant Management (MRM) magazine's Franchise Feed offers a glimpse at what's new in the restaurant franchise and MUFSO environment. The fast-casual brand continues to grow amid the pandemic and is on track to open more than 30 restaurants this year.

Winter 2019 F&B Legal Update

Modern Restaurant Management

Nair, a partner at Ervin Cohen & Jessup LLP compiles recent legal news affecting the restaurant, food and beverage and hospitality industries for Modern Restaurant Management (MRM) magazine. This bill will ban the production and sale of foie gras throughout the city, and will go into effect in January 2022. Currently, approximately 1,000 restaurants across New York City have foie gras on their menus. Law Operations f&b legal legal roundupPooja S.

Guest Blog: Tax Strategies as You Reopen Your Restaurant


While many American businesses have been impacted by COVID-19, the restaurant industry is among those hit hardest. As restaurants begin to reopen, they are presented with both new opportunities and challenges.

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Surviving Disruption: How New COVID-19 Legislation Can Assist the Restaurant Industry

Modern Restaurant Management

While businesses coast to coast reel from the financial and emotional impact of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, few have been affected more adversely than restaurants. Uncertainty in the restaurant industry could endure for months, maybe longer. 31, 2022.

Make it This Winter and Step Up To The Table

Modern Restaurant Management

In this edition of MRM News Bites, we feature resources to help restaurants survive the winter weather and the learning how to improve bread-baking skills. ClearPath Solutions launched Step Up to The Table, a three-part initiative designed to garner support for local restaurants.

January/February 2021 Legal Update

Modern Restaurant Management

Nair, a partner at Ervin Cohen & Jessup LLP compiles recent legal news affecting the restaurant, food and beverage and hospitality industries for Modern Restaurant Management (MRM) magazine. Nair restaurant legal restaurant legal newsPooja S.

2021 109

MRM Research Roundup: End-of-May 2021 Edition

Modern Restaurant Management

Bluedot released the fourth installment of its State of What Feeds Us report which has kept tabs on consumer behavior and restaurant habits throughout the course of the pandemic. This latest report offers a year in review of shifting consumer restaurant habits precipitated by the pandemic.

2021 153

MRM Franchise Feed: Franchising for Heroes and Shaq-a-Roni for Charity

Modern Restaurant Management

MRM's Franchise Feed provides the latest news in restaurant and MUFSO franchising. Apple American Group LLC (AAG), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Flynn Restaurant Group LP (FRG), was named the 2021 Abe Gustin Franchisee of the Year by Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill + Bar.

Virtual Acceleration, Raising the Bar and Insult Monitor

Modern Restaurant Management

Smart Foodservice operates 70 small-format cash and carry stores across California, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Nevada, Utah and Montana that serve small and mid-sized restaurants and other food business customers with a broad assortment of products. Making a restaurant operations leaner.”

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What the Families First and CARES Acts Mean for Restaurateurs

Modern Restaurant Management

The restaurant industry is facing unprecedented change and challenges in the face of COVID-19. Here’s a quick look at how these laws can help you and your employees weather COVID-19, plus several links to help you take action. How the CARES Act Helps Restaurants.

2022 130

8 Craft Beer & Brewery Trends to Watch (2021)


While the worst of the pandemic may be over, COVID’s impact will still be felt throughout 2021 and possibly into 2022. As breweries across the country shut down last year, beer delivery laws were relaxed to allow taprooms to make up for their loss of in-person sales with delivery sales.

COVID-19 Legislative Actions: What to Know Now

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The new law is a $2 trillion economic stimulus package designed to repair the economic damage caused by COVID-19 and provide additional protection to individuals and businesses who may lose income due to the pandemic. Relief Funds Raising Money to Help Restaurant Employees.