The American Restaurant 2022 (Post Pandemic)

Culinary Cues

Let’s start with what we are fairly comfortable saying: whatever “normal” is will likely not make an appearance until the end of 2021 – so…let’s begin our speculation with January of 2022 to be safe.

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Is Your Ghost Kitchen Haunted by Food Safety Breaches?

Modern Restaurant Management

As a result, ghost kitchens, delivery-focused kitchens without a storefront or dining area, are growing in popularity. The National Retail Federation called ghost kitchens a $43 billion industry , and Hospitality Technology predicts that number will rise to $71.4


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Culinary Cues

There is little room for star players, only star team players. [] WE ARE ALL DISHWASHERS: Treat dishwashers well, lend a hand, treat them like professionals, thank them, support them, and know that without their work, yours would suffer. [] NO JOB IS BENEATH YOU – EVERYTHING IN A KITCHEN IS.

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Popular Restaurant Technology Trends to Watch in 2022

Social Hospitality

Technologies such as food delivery, ghost kitchen setups, and automated communications helped scores of restaurants remain business-worthy through the toughest times in recent history. 8 Major Restaurant Tech Trends in 2022. Automated Kitchens & Combating Staff Shortage.

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Cloud Kitchen Trends To Track In 2022

The Restaurant Times

A concept known as cloud kitchen has emerged as a result of these advancements. Unlike traditional brick-and-mortar establishments, cloud kitchens enable food businesses to produce and deliver culinary delicacies with minimal overhead. . 4 Cloud Kitchen Trends To Look For In 2022.

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team is excited to return to the National Restaurant Association Show, beginning on May 21 st , 2022. Each year, NRA showcases industry-leading products, innovations, and solutions for some of the most difficult problems currently facing the nation’s kitchens. The BOHA!

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MRM EXCLUSIVE: Enhancing Operational Visibility in Ghost Kitchens

Modern Restaurant Management

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, a new trend in the food service industry has risen in popularity—ghost kitchens. In addition to restaurant operators opening or transitioning to the ghost kitchen strategy, grocers are also exploring this new concept.

Pros and Cons of Open Kitchens in Restaurant Industry

Modern Restaurant Management

The open kitchen concept has become one of the biggest trends in the restaurant industry. An open kitchen makes the understanding of the whole food production process really simple. One such technological adoption is the commercial kitchen ventilation system.

Why Kitchen Culture is the Most Crucial Shared Kitchen Ingredient

The Food Corridor

We’re sharing information about this key element straight from the Shared Kitchen Toolkit so that you can bring your own flavor to your shared kitchen space. . Building a positive and productive kitchen culture is something that takes time, intention, and community buy-in.

Reducing Tension Between Kitchen & Front of House

Ken Burgin

Friction between floor staff and kitchen is wasteful and unnecessary, but it won’t go away by itself. The kitchen often complains they’re treated like mushrooms: kept in the dark and fed you-know-what. Nothing drives the kitchen crazy like a dizzy new waiter who doesn’t know the menu, or basic service techniques. Don’t let them loose on customers, let alone near the kitchen. When the kitchen is flooded with orders, tempers will rise.

Seven Kitchen Design Ideas to Improve Your Restaurant

Modern Restaurant Management

A key part of an effective kitchen is its design. After all, there’s no point in spending time and resources on designing the perfect menu, if your kitchen isn’t up to scratch. Do you feel your kitchen needs a design boost? Kitchen Design Is Key.

Commercial Kitchen and Bar Design and Layout

The Restaurant Group

Commercial Kitchen Layout. So restaurant owners need to pay close attention to the design and layout of their kitchens and bars to maximize the efficiency of their service. Your Commercial Kitchen and Bar Design Matters. Increased Staff Safety.

6 Factors to Consider When Renting Out Your Church Kitchen

The Food Corridor

But there are many things to think about before opening up your church’s kitchen doors. Let’s take a look at the benefits and points to consider when renting out your church kitchen. Why Rent Out Your Church Kitchen? 6 Factors to Consider When Renting Out Your Church Kitchen.

NCR Reveals 2022 Hospitality Trends and Predictions

Modern Restaurant Management

Restaurant operators once again find themselves refocusing priorities and altering their plans for 2022. Here are some trends NCR is watching as move into 2022. pickup, delivery, drive-thru, ghost kitchens).

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No-Crisis Planning for Restaurants & Cafes

Ken Burgin

Key staff resignations, equipment breakdowns, people issues, a kitchen fire or industry disputes – one way or another your turn will come. Fraud & Theft Healthy Body & Mind Kitchen Management Work Safety

Podcast 13: Teaching Chefs About Kitchen Management and Menu Design

Ken Burgin

We expect a lot from chefs – not only to manage production and service, but keep to a budget, organise a team of people and handle safety issues, changing food trends, menu design & engineering, plus social media and a bit of marketing. How Liz moved from running a kitchen to teaching how to run one. Developing kitchen leadership and a high-performance team – challenges for chefs or all ages, male and female, local and non-local?

Kitchen Conversations: The City Kitch

The Food Corridor

Her goal was to give aspiring food entrepreneurs in the Charlotte, North Carolina Metro area access to incredible commercial kitchen space. They take pride in the community that has been fostered within their kitchens, one that supports each other and shares their wins together.

What Trends Are You Seeing and What Can We Expect to See More of in 2022?

Modern Restaurant Management

Our restaurant of the future is designed to benefit guests, employees and franchisees, with a new external design and a reimagined kitchen that will make it easier for us to serve hot, delicious food quickly for frictionless guest experiences, and we expect to see a lot more of that next year.

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Hospo Reset’s Product of the Week

Ken Burgin

Every week in the Hospo Reset Newsletter, we share a product or service that’s caught our eye – for kitchen & beverage management, staffing, facilities management, marketing and overall productivity. Food, Menus and Kitchen Management.

Developing Partnerships & Networks in your Shared Kitchen

The Food Corridor

Looking to expand your shared kitchen network? Here, we’ll cover some tips and tricks for developing partnerships and building a network for your shared kitchen. This information comes straight from the Shared Kitchen Toolkit. .

Experts Weigh In: What Are Key Challenges Restaurants Will Face in 2022?

Modern Restaurant Management

Modern Restaurant Manaagement (MRM) magazine asked restaurant industry insiders to discuss the key challenges they believe restaurants will face in 2022. Restaurants will continue to grapple with labor shortages and supply chain disruptions throughout 2022.

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The 5 Must-Ask Questions When Building a Shared Kitchen Space

The Food Corridor

In the Shared Kitchen Resources Starter Pack , we highlight the five questions that shared kitchen design guru, Sylvan Juarez, discussed in his rapid-fire talk during the Food Incubation Summit.

Planning Your Shared Kitchen: 3 Ways to Clarify your Goals

The Food Corridor

Are you in the process of establishing your shared kitchen? Planning a shared kitchen project is a complex process and it can be difficult to properly refine your objective. This information comes straight from the Shared Kitchen Toolkit. .


Culinary Cues

THIS MEANS EVERYTHING and adds to a realization of fulfillment. [] HEALTH and SAFETY: Be concerned, especially during this time of a national health crisis, with how your employees (cooks) are dealing with their health (physical, mental, and emotional).

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Optimism is Worth the Effort

Blue Orbit Restaurant Consulting

Ray Camillo – Founder & CEO, Blue Orbit Restaurant Consulting So far, 2022 feels like quicksand.

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The 18 Best Cookbooks of Spring 2022


One of Barrow’s great strengths is her understanding of the spatial limitations of most home kitchens — the reason her bagel recipes yield only six is because that number can proof comfortably on a quarter-sheet pan, which won’t take up as much room in the refrigerator.

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How To Open A Cloud Kitchen In The UAE

The Restaurant Times

It is one of the most thriving businesses for newcomers in the industry, especially when experimenting with a new kitchen format like a cloud kitchen. . What Is A Cloud Kitchen? Steps To Open A Cloud Kitchen In The UAE. Finalize the name for your cloud kitchen .

Why Is Summer an Increased Time for Restaurant Injuries?

Modern Restaurant Management

Learn why it is important to implement restaurant safety tips to help reduce the risk of injury for these seasonal workers and throughout the entire year. Equipment Law Operations injury prevention kitchen injury restaurant injuries summer injuries

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Heat Stress: When Is Hot Too Hot?

Modern Restaurant Management

As everyone endures extreme temperatures this summer, it’s important to stay safe when spending time in hot environments, especially places like kitchens and bakeries where there is little air circulation. Heat Safety Resources.

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The Labor Disputes at Amy’s Kitchen, Explained


Courtesy Amy’s Kitchen. Amy’s Kitchen prides itself on being a “positive impact” company. chirps a green banner on the homepage of Amy’s Kitchen, the organic packaged and prepared-foods giant. What we are fighting for is for safety for all,” says Ojeda. “We

The Trends to Watch in 2022 & Beyond

Future Food

The Trends to Watch in 2022 & Beyond The changing face of Food & Hospitality. Towards the end of each calendar year, we like to take a look back at how the industry has shifted, the trends that have taken off, and try to pre-empt the future face of the industry.

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WARNING: Restaurant Culture In Crisis

Embrace the Suck

And so, the fact that so many people with World Kitchen and some of these other organizations have pivoted into the work of feeding people who are really in trouble. You could use all of the safety implements and safeguards, in terms of clothing and equipment.

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2022 Restaurant Industry Trends: Part 2

The Restaurant Group

Restaurant Industry Trends and Outlook for 2022. In the first part of “Restaurant Industry Trends and Outlook for 2022,” we covered some key trends and insights for the restaurant industry to look forward to in 2022. 2022 is the year for non-alcoholic spirits.

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Why Restaurant Owners Are Increasingly Providing Knives to Their Kitchen Staff


Some restaurateurs hope that supplying their cooks with the tools they need creates a more equitable kitchen When Telly Justice posted the knives at her new restaurant on Instagram, she didn’t expect such a big response. Marylu E. Herrera /Eater.

Best Practices to Prevent Theft in Your Restaurant

Modern Restaurant Management

Make sure the important areas of your kitchen are easily visible on surveillance such as the cooler and cabinets, register and all entrances and exits. This costs you time, money and compromises your staff’s safety. Restaurant theft is expensive.

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The 10 Best Bits of Advice We Heard on Season 1 of the Restaurant Growth Podcast

7 Shifts

We had a lot of people, while we were at Kitchen United, would say things like, 'Oh, this delivery, thing's just a fad. We started the Restaurant Growth Podcast in 2021 to provide a platform for the best and brightest minds in the restaurant and hospitality industry.

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Restaurants Can Optimize Revenue with Pay By Text

Modern Restaurant Management

The digital solutions mean a kitchen becomes the source of revenue – with less hostess, server, busser, or other overhead costs. Text campaigns open a door to the kitchen for hungry customers that may not know what they want for dinner just yet.

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COVID Caused Five Permanent Changes in the Restaurant Industry

Modern Restaurant Management

Restaurant’s safety protocols were done “behind the scenes,” and guests most likely didn’t care about the sanitation of high-touch surfaces or whether they were sitting within six feet of other tables. So much was different before March 2020.

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‘Bring the Dining Room Experience to the Windows’

Modern Restaurant Management

To get a pulse on QSR trends in 2022, Modern Restaurant Management magazine reached out to David Vance, Vice President of QSR at Mood Media, an on-premise media solutions company dedicated to elevating the customer experience.

Food Delivery and Takeout Trends Are Still Continuing—Here’s Why?

Goliath Consulting

As lockdown restrictions were lifted, restaurant owners expected some customers to return in person while still following safety measures. OrderB4 is the first multi-brand ordering platform designed explicitly for Ghost Kitchens and Virtual Brand management and operations.