14 Labor Day Restaurant Specials for 2021

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We’re sharing ideas for Labor Day restaurant specials that will help you maximize profits and make your restaurant a Labor Day destination for years to come. Specials aren’t so special if no one knows about them! 14 Labor Day Restaurant Specials to Try.

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How to Price Daily Dinner Specials for Best Results

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You want to price your daily dinner specials just right for repeat business. One of your diners’ favorite lines to hear from their server is, “Would you like to hear about our specials?”. You know that offering your customers specials is a terrific marketing tool.


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17 Creative Father’s Day Restaurant Specials for 2021

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Dad is king for a day, which means millions of families will be on the hunt for Father’s Day restaurant specials to mark the special occasion. Consider whipping up some Father’s Day specials, like seasonal dishes , a prix fixe menu, or takeout meal kits.

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Unbeatable Happy Hour Specials Around Nashville

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It’s a special present from the restaurant to see good happy hour deals available as long as I visit during their specified times. Whether you’re a Nashville local or a tourist in tow for a day or two, there’s a happy hour drink special waiting for you.

Changes in Consumer Habits: Looking Back Over the Last 12 Months of Retail

This large-scale North American survey explores changes in expectations over the last year. You’ll learn what consumers expect, how habits are solidifying, and where to focus to drive the greatest impact.

Five Ways for Restaurants to Make Valentine’s Day Special in 2021

Modern Restaurant Management

According to SlickText’s “2021 Share the Love Survey,” 34 percent of respondents said their biggest Valentine’s Day spend will be at restaurants and 46 percent are prioritizing spending money at local businesses. Create a Special Menu.

2021 143

How Daily Lunch Specials Can Drive New Patrons

Restaurant Engine

Bring a new group of patrons to your restaurants with lunch specials. In this article, we look at how daily lunch specials can drive new patrons at your restaurant. Then you can target your daily lunch specials to them to drive new business. Offer a Fixed Price Lunch Special.

Top Private Dining Rooms in El Paso for Special Occasions

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Their Special Events Room seats up to 40 in a U-shaped table configuration that allows everyone to eat and talk together. For private dining, they specialize in pharmaceutical events and business meetings of up to 100 guests. No other city is quite like El Paso!

4th of July Specials for Restaurants: Promotions and Ideas for 2021

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The short answer is offering enticing 4th of July specials. The right 4th of July specials will drive traffic to your restaurant, helping you take advantage of one of the biggest celebrations of the year. Planning 4th of July Specials for Your Restaurant. Consider a Beer Special.

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20 Private Dining Rooms in Orlando for Special Occasions

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Special occasions and big events like weddings, anniversaries, graduations, and even corporate meetings in our lives only come around so often, so why not try and make them as unforgettable as possible? Check out Maxine’s On Shine the next time you’ve got something special coming up.

Top Restaurants with Private Dining Rooms in Indianapolis for Special Occasions

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Group dining is easily accommodated by private rooms in Indianapolis restaurants, making the city a great location to celebrate special occasions. Mesh is a popular locale with outdoor space, and the restaurant serves modern American cuisine with various happy hour specials.

How Restaurants Can Remain Competitive in 2021

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We’re not talking about just surviving the pandemic—but thriving through 2021 and beyond, and setting new standards. Make It Special With delivery and pickup being the only option for many diners to get your food, you have to make sure you’re doing everything you can to stand out.

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F&B Trends for 2021

Modern Restaurant Management

Modern Restaurant Management (MRM) magazine asked restaurant and food and beverage industry experts for their insights on what trends will be on the radar for restaurant owner and operators in 2021. is a preview of the trends and practices that will shape the hospitality industry in 2021.

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MRM Research Roundup: Mid-August 2021 Edition

Modern Restaurant Management

Consumer spending at restaurants was up +32 percent in the April-May-June 2021 quarter compared to the same quarter last year, and for a pre-pandemic view, flat compared to the same quarter in 2019. As of June 2021, food service and drinking places employed 11.3

2021 143

MRM Research Roundup: Mid-April 2021 Edition

Modern Restaurant Management

consumers to better understand their feelings about planning events in 2021. 2021 will bring a restaurant renaissance unlike any we’ve seen before, with more consumers dining out and planning events than in years past. Spring 2021 Key Findings.

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Fishtown Happy Hour Specials to Checkout This Week

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With so many great specials, you may even find yourself visiting a few of the spots on our list. Specials include $1 draft beers, well drinks, and wine, $2 PBR pounders, $2 tacos, $4 mini quesadillas, $5 wings, and more! Specials include $8 cocktails, $6 wines, and $6 small bites.

MRM Research Roundup: Mid-June 2021 Edition

Modern Restaurant Management

million diners seated via Yelp* in May 2021 – the highest ever, surpassing pre-pandemic highs. In fact, the number of diners seated via Yelp was up 48 percent in May 2021 compared to May 2019. They saw a similar increase in diners seated in April 2021.

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Architaste Specializes The Art Of Creative Design And Concept Development For Restaurants

The Restaurant Times

He specializes in the creative design and concept development of restaurants, bars, and public spaces for hotel products of the future. The post Architaste Specializes The Art Of Creative Design And Concept Development For Restaurants appeared first on The Restaurant Times.

Father’s Day Wines with Special Heritage


Take Dad on a wine adventure for Father’s Day. Appellations Vol. 25 No. 06 @Barkanwinery @BonnyDoonVineyard @incandesaSparkling @lucedellavite @obsidianwineco @saracinawine @shumiwinery FathersDay FathersDayWine RedWine SparklingWine whitewine wine

11 Restaurant Marketing Strategies That Work in 2021 & 2022

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You may, for example, use push notifications for advertising special discounts or notifying consumers about a new menu. Special Offers and Promotions. When should you take advantage of special offers and promotions?

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8 Restaurant Advertising Strategies In 2021

The Restaurant Times

8 Restaurant Advertising Strategies That Work In 2021. Send out grand opening invitations to people to make them feel special and try to include a charitable component in your grand opening. The post 8 Restaurant Advertising Strategies In 2021 appeared first on The Restaurant Times.

PPP Loans 2021: A Guide for Restaurants

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President Biden recently prolonged the PPP loan deadline to May 31, 2021 , giving small businesses a few additional weeks to submit their applications. Below, we'll explain everything your restaurant needs to know about PPP loans in 2021: Table of Contents. PPP Loans in 2021.

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Celebrating Pride Month 2021 at Your Restaurant No COVID Limits


There are many ways for your restaurant to take part both to celebrate and to leverage this special occasion to increase sales. Last year all events were held online but 2021 will have some cornerstone outdoor in-person events too. Reading Time: 4 minutes.

2021 95

MRM Research Roundup: End-of-May 2021 Edition

Modern Restaurant Management

CGA’s consumer research has signs that sizeable numbers will be looking to the On Premise to mark events like these in 2021. percent) consumers say they would be encouraged to visit by special offers on drinks, and more than a quarter would be attracted by drink offers (32.7

2021 145

5 Special Restaurant Promotion Ideas To Spike Your Sales And Increase Customer Base

The Restaurant Times

When we talk about restaurant marketing and promotion, most people think of discounts, coupons, and special offers, such as the classic buy-one-get-free deals. For one, offering special deals and discounts can be costly. Collaborate with Local Businesses for Special Offers.

31 Restaurant Marketing Ideas for 2021

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Be sure to schedule ‘Special Hours’ if your hours change on public holidays or during special events. special events like a seasonal brunch or live entertainment). Printed versions of your menu that highlight the latest specials or signature dishes.

MRM Research Roundup: End-of-September 2021 Edition

Modern Restaurant Management

Gen Z and Millennials download and keep restaurant apps for access to special menu items. Millennials (28 percent) and Gen Z (20 percent) download apps to access special menu items while 35 percent of Gen Z and 32 percent of Millennials keep restaurant apps to access special menu items.

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2021: A Year of Strategic Questions for Restaurants 

Modern Restaurant Management

Perhaps the biggest question on restaurateurs’ minds right now is: “Do I plan for the 2021 I was expecting, or can I just go back to 2019?” My colleagues and I at EPAM Continuum have been thinking of 2021 and the trends that will soon be served to us.

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Rising Restaurant Minimum Wage: What to Know for 2021

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Minimum Wage Rates for 2021 by State. state minimum wage rates for 2021 and the planned increases: Alabama: $7.25/hour (no state minimum wage law). This information is current as of August 2021. Canadian Minimum Wage Rates for 2021 by Province. on September 1, 2021.

2021 83

The 5 Biggest Restaurant Food Trends to Watch in 2021

Goliath Consulting

Now that 2021 is only weeks away, we are making predictions on what the new year will bring. Here are our top 5 food and restaurant trend predictions for 2021 and beyond. That is less likely to be the case in 2021, as shown in this study by Sense360 (17).

2021 102

Simple Restaurant Marketing Plan for 2021 [PDF Template]

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With a new year comes new challenges, and after the year for the industry that was 2020, we want to help set your restaurant up for success in 2021. Knowing they have a lunch special on Wednesdays is invaluable knowledge to have, and can inform your own decision making.

MRM Research Roundup: Mid-March 2021 Edition

Modern Restaurant Management

Cardlytics ’ new “State of Spend” report, which shows the dramatic change in consumer spend and purchasing trends during the COVID-19 pandemic (between February 2019 and February 2021). Sales velocity is now -11 percent vs February 20, 2021.

2021 96

Best Ways to Set Up a Successful Food Truck Delivery Service in 2021


Which brings us to the question: Is starting a food truck in 2021 still a good idea? Food trucks in 2021 can be a lifeline for existing restaurants hit by Covid-19 or a low-cost alternative for first-time food entrepreneurs looking to start a new business. Reading Time: 5 minutes.

30 Creative Restaurant Marketing Ideas: How to Successfully Market a Restaurant in 2021

Gourmet Marketing

It gives them more incentive to return because it feels like they’re being appreciated, and it could also offer them special rewards and unique promotions that would otherwise not be available. Offer services for special occasions and seasons. Offer services for special occasions.

Top Private Dining Rooms in Midtown for Special Occasions

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The city that never sleeps has more than its fair share of fabulous and delicious places to celebrate special occasions. Whether you’re looking for something in the heart of the city or the outer boroughs, there’s something for everyone’s special day.

6 Proven Ancillary Revenue Ideas for Hotels (2021)


Chapter 3: 6 Best Ancillary Revenue Ideas for Hotels in 2021. Creates opportunities for special marketing campaigns and promotions. 6 Best Ancillary Revenue Ideas for Hotels to Diversify Income in 2021.

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2021 Trend: Alternative Culinary Oils

Modern Restaurant Management

Consumers are more interested than ever in the ingredients used at their favorite restaurants, and one of the restaurant industry trends predicted for 2021 is increasing customer interest in alternative culinary oils , both for their health benefits and the unique flavors that they impart to dishes.

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7 Smart Ways (Practical) to Increase your Restaurant Sales in 2021


Now We have successfully entered into 2021. Now, what are the ways that you should adopt to increase restaurant sales & customers in 2021? . SMS sends to customers that fall in the special categories like lost customers, less spending customers or VIP customers.

2021 82

MRM Research Roundup: End-of-February 2021 Edition

Modern Restaurant Management

This survey was a second set, conducted in January 2021. The 2021 iteration of the survey from Coast polled 1,005 adults nationwide on their attitudes and consumption patterns around animal fats – and found little change in consumer opinions and behavior.

2021 122

Top 17 Mother’s Day Restaurant Promotions for 2021

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And, since expectations for this special occasion are also higher than normal, the experience diners have at your restaurant for Mother’s Day is either going to give you a new loyal customer or somebody who never comes back. Have a Drink Special.

2021 75

145 – 2021 Restaurant Trends – Food, Marketing and Business


This is Part 3 of our Resto Trends 2021 series. Check out the previous episodes here: Episode 143- Restaurant Trends for 2021. Episode 144- Restaurant Trends for 2021- Online Ordering and Delivery. 2021 Restaurant Trends – Food, Marketing, and Business.

2021 68

A Lot Can Happen in a Year – 2021 – Black Box Intelligence A Year in Review

Black Box Intelligence

A Lot Can Happen in a Year – 2021 – Black Box Intelligence™ A Year in Review. We kicked off 2021 by being acquired by Diversis Capital (almost exactly a year after rebranding to Black Box Intelligence™!).

2021 57

37+ Engaging Resident Event Ideas in 2021


Chapter 3: 37 Resident Event Ideas for 2021. No matter what demographics are represented in your multi-family community, chances are your residents can benefit from training events, whether they’re for practical skills or catered to special interests.