Checklist for launching a successful delivery business


Delivery isn’t simply an extra revenue channel – it’s also in high demand. Here is a 6-step guide to set up a delivery operation with success. Don’t forget to download our practical checklist for getting started with food delivery! #1 2 Select delivery providers.

5 trends transforming delivery in 2020


The food delivery industry is continuing to grow at a rapid-fire pace, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to slow down any time soon. Digital restaurant orders grew 23% annually since 2013 and are expected to triple in volume by 2020, according to The NPD Group.

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Best Food Delivery Services for Restaurants in 2020

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Ordering food in is more popular than ever, and with food delivery apps , it’s easier than ever. The market is saturated with food delivery services that offer online ordering platforms and delivery right to your door, with abundant restaurants available online.

What Delivery Customers Expect During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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Restaurants are scrambling to accommodate a new kind of market – the frenzied and fearful delivery customer. What does the delivery customer expect now? Delivery customers want restaurants to follow CDC guidelines (and be vocal about it!).

Food delivery management software 101


In the era of food delivery, offering online ordering, delivery and takeaway is a smart strategy to appeal to a vast audience of potential customers. When you start delivering meals, it’s crucial to invest in the right food delivery software, in order to keep things tidy and efficient.

Growing Delivery & Takeout Channels at Your Restaurant

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However, in the wake of COVID-19, restaurants are leaning into alternative ways to move inventory, keep staff working, and delight their guests by focusing on delivery and takeout. We will be announcing a delivery meal kit service beginning this Wednesday through a pre order system.

Restaurant Trends for 2020 (and Beyond)

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Online ordering, curbside to-go, self-ordering kiosks, and third-party delivery services dominated the restaurant landscape; these trends were so predominant that you'd now be hard-pressed to find a restaurant that doesn't offer at least one of these services.

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Would Delivery Work for My Concept?

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Q: Would delivery work for my concept? A: Delivery –of all things– is a hot topic. Consumers demand it and the market has responded by offering several delivery options, from independent delivery companies to national firms. Determine your delivery strategy.

Why you should optimize your menu for delivery


Food delivery is big business. Needless to say, offering delivery is a smart move for restaurants of all sizes. One surefire way to attract and satisfy your customers is by ensuring the food you are offering is actually delivery-proof. Understand your delivery time windows.

Taylor Rothchild, Wine Industry's One to Watch in 2020


He also established a strategic partnership with Minibar Delivery to access their 500,000+ users across the country and expose them to their wines through their Vineyard Select program. His mission is simple: Create Wines and Champagnes worth sharing. Joyce Sevilla.

2020 130

Food trends in delivery we’ll be seeing in 2020


But what will 2020 bring? The delivery service reported a 330-percent increase in vegan orders over the past two years, as well as a rapidly growing number of eateries offering vegan food. Industry experts all agree: street food is hot, for delivery and takeout purposes as well.

What’s Packing Your Food? Restaurant Delivery Packaging Trends

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A research conducted by US Foods reported that the top complaints from ordering customers included, “food was not warm or fresh” and “food got shaken or messed up during delivery” (3). With more consumers using food delivery services, the demand for better food packaging is stronger than ever. menu development restaurant consulting Supply Chain foodservice packaging restaurant delivery restaurant takeout third-party delivery togo containers togo packaging

Should My Restaurant Start Offering Delivery?

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Should I pivot my business model and start offering delivery? But is delivery something you should pursue? First question: before the current crisis, had you ever considered delivery for your customers? There are some very valid reasons to avoid delivery, whether done in-house, or through a third party: Your menu items spoil quickly, or need to be served immediately. Next, let’s take a look at the logistics of delivery. How will it taste upon delivery?

Best Restaurant POS Systems for 2020

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Toast’s interface is easy-to-use and offers the option to combine POS, reporting and analytics, payroll and team management, online ordering and delivery, and loyalty programs. Delivery service options. Delivery tracking. Online orders and delivery features surpass others.

2020 52

How Delivery Services Are  Impacting Restaurant Supply Chains 

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The revolution of delivery services is making a substantial impact on the restaurant industry. While food delivery is nothing new, breakout services like Uber Eats and DoorDash have capitalized on what customers want most: convenience.

12 Tips for Restaurant Delivery/Takeout During COVID-19 Crisis


As many restaurant operators transition from dine-in service to delivery and takeout service only, there are many operational decisions to make. The first decision, especially for restaurants in states and localities where dining in is currently banned, is whether or not to make the transition to a takeout/delivery only model or temporarily shutting the doors until the pandemic is over. Make sure your takeout and/or delivery service is prominently displayed on your home page.

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Why Third-Party Delivery Partnerships May Not Be All They’re Cracked Up To Be

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As we head into 2020 and digital ordering continues to boom, the restaurant segment is in for some major changes, particularly when it comes to delivery. According to research done by eMarketer , 23 percent of all smartphone users will use a food delivery app by 2023.

Third-party or in-house food delivery: pros and cons


In an era of convenience, online ordering systems, self-service kiosks and mobile platforms have become key to give the customers what they crave the most: a fast, personalized and convenient food experience through delivery and/or takeaway. Third-party delivery pros and cons.

My interview on hospitality and the Coronavirus crisis – Sky News Australia, March 21, 2020

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Communicate like never before with your customers Offer & sell food and drinks in new ways – delivery, take home packs, takeaway Write to your local MP about the number of jobs that will be lost without direct financial support.

2020 60

January/February 2020 Legal Update

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California Supreme Court Defines Hours Worked : On February 13, 2020, the California Supreme Court interpreted what “hours worked” means under California law in an employment case involving Apple that may have repercussions in the restaurant industry. Pooja S.

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The Top Restaurant Industry Trends to Know for 2020

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Top Restaurant Industry Trends to Know for 2020. On top of those issues, restaurateurs also dealt with increasing food costs and the operational questions presented by third-party delivery. . In light of these changes, what should operators prepare for as we head into 2020?

2020 69

How Restaurant CEO Priorities are Evolving in 2020

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Restaurant CEO priorities are shifting in 2020, and it makes sense given how quickly the consumer and competitive landscape are shifting as well as the introduction of new forces impacting the industry.

2020 55

The Importance of Online Ordering and Delivery for Restaurants


Indeed, online ordering and delivery systems are slowly becoming a norm as more restaurants adapt to this business model. Online ordering and delivery in the restaurant industry are being driven by the readiness of the online market. How Online Ordering and Delivery Works.

Food Haven CEO José Fabregat’s take on food delivery and cloud kitchens in Spain


The business was created to elevate the customer’s food delivery experience - a mission which Food Haven takes very seriously. José Fabregat, co-founder and CEO of Food Haven, talks about ghost kitchens and the delivery landscape today and in the future.

The 20/20 on 2020: Restaurant Experts Weigh In

Modern Restaurant Management

Modern Restaurant Management (MRM) magazine asked restaurant industry insiders and experts for their insights on what will impact restaurants in 2020 and the response was overwhelming. They touched on topics such as delivery, ghost (dark) kitchens, automation, plant-based menu items, food waste, sustainability, staffing and retention and more. We anticipate seeing changes in 2020 as financial markets shift and businesses surrounding the off premise market are forced to streamline.

2020 67

MRM Research Roundup: End-of-February 2020 Edition

Modern Restaurant Management

2020 State of the Restaurant Industry. Key findings regarding economic conditions include: Restaurant industry sales are projected to reach a record $899 billion in 2020, with the moderate four percent growth rate mirroring general economic conditions. 2020 Food Forecast.

2020 72

Five Steps for Improving Restaurant Efficiency in 2020

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Now that the new year is here, it’s the perfect time for restaurant operators to review their 2019 performance and identify areas that can be improved in 2020. Once 2020 goals are nailed down, restaurant operators then need to implement them.

2020 87

Factors to Consider When Moving to a Delivery or Takeout Only Model


With many restaurants around the country either shifting to a takeout/delivery only model or implementing a delivery option for the first time, there are many factors to consider about how to navigate and make decisions in this new landscape. The discussion will address: How to decide whether or not to move to a delivery and/or takeout only model. How to decide on which third-party delivery app to use. Controlling delivery costs.

MRM Research Roundup: End-of-January 2020 Super Bowl Edition

Modern Restaurant Management

This edition of Modern Restaurant Management (MRM) magazine's Research Roundup features an economic report from Yelp, super Super Bowl stats, delivery trends, megatrends, best cities for BBQ and top venues. Delivery and To-Go orders are up 14 percent.

2020 74

The Growth of Online Ordering and Food Delivery


A Look into the Growth of Online Ordering and Food Delivery. In fact, the growth rate for online food ordering and restaurant delivery has been over 20% over the last five years. The numbers do not lie as the growth in online ordering and delivery of foods has grown tremendously.

Tamper-Proof Delivery and

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In an effort to best protect its guests, Coolgreens, an innovative healthy lifestyle eatery, is making the switch to tamper-proof packaging in November for its third-party delivery. “Consumers love the convenience of food delivery apps, and demand keeps growing.

MRM Research Roundup: Mid-January 2020 Edition

Modern Restaurant Management

This edition of Modern Restaurant Management (MRM) magazine's Research Roundup features a gloomy start to the new year, dining trends for 2020, the importance of discounts, holiday gift card sales results, delivery frustrations, soda curiosity and a consumer culture report.

2020 60

11 Best Restaurant Review Sites of 2020

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Restaurant Delivery and Review Sites. Restaurant Delivery and Review Sites . Aside from standard restaurant review websites, many online delivery platforms also function as review sites. If your restaurant delivers through any third-party delivery apps or websites, you should check out the reviews on there. Poor reviews will stop many customers from ordering, which can seriously affect your delivery-based revenue. .

2020 40


Culinary Cues

We are learning that people are interested in delivery, enamored by food truck style concepts, and willing to embrace a different style of service. The restaurant industry has been plagued with problems for decades – this international crisis has brought everything to a head.

2020 200

From 2019 to 2020: Tech-xtualizing the Three Major Challenges Restaurants Face

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For instance, the growth of delivery led to uncharted operational struggles, with more business came heightened compliance risks and of course, with more customers came labor-related headaches. The Delivery Dilemma.

2020 84

Customer Service Trends in the Restaurant Industry to Look For in 2020

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Unlike before, when you had to memorize the delivery numbers of your favorite fast-food chains, you can now order in with just a click. Thanks to the arrival of food delivery applications, the casual diner can now satisfy his or her cravings whenever he or she pleases.

UBER EATS 101: the essential guide for restaurants


Uber Eats is one of the world’s most popular and best known online food ordering and delivery platforms, active in hundreds of cities across the globe. Here’s all you need to know if you are thinking about signing up your restaurant with this delivery aggregator. Food delivery

Protect the Package: Ensuring Food Safety in Shift to Takeout and Delivery

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Restaurants that spent the first weeks of the pandemic reassuring customers that they had expanded cleaning protocols are now shutting their doors and shifting to takeout and delivery models that have their own safety challenges. It was not that long ago that US Foods conducted their highly-publicized survey which found that nearly 30 percent of delivery people sample the food items they’re entrusted with.

2020 Technology Trends for the Restaurant Industry


2020 is just around the corner and it’s an exciting time to be in the business! Let’s review some of the most likely trends we will see in the restaurant industry for 2020. . Consolidated Online Ordering and Delivery.

Family Ties Unite Hospitality Industry During COVID-19 Outbreak


Restaurants around the globe have been shuttered, with the exception of takeout and delivery orders, in an effort to flatten the curve of coronavirus infections. “Therefore, 100% of gift card sales purchased through April 12, 2020, will go towards our newly enacted employee relief fund, which helps to pay insurance premiums and provide daily meals for our staff.” Author(s): Stacey Sears.


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Vendor deliveries have ceased, floors remain clean and untouched, and the clock on the wall suddenly sounds off with the ticking of time. There is no one to turn on the lights, fire up the ovens, start the groan of hood exhausts, and no one to fill the dish machine tank and three bay sink.

2020 209

Are you Missing Out?

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4 Things to Consider Before Adding Delivery to Your Restaurant. Food delivery is projected to grow 12% per year over the next 3 years 1. Aside from the sales opportunity, there are other clear benefits to incorporating food delivery at your restaurant, such as giving the restaurant increased visibility, exposure to new customers and gaining of valuable insights on purchasing trends 2,3. Do you have a delivery menu? According a Olo’s “Want to Scale Delivery?”

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10 Operational Challenges Restaurants Should Expect in 2020


Here are the top 10 operational challenges restauranteurs should expect in 2020: 1. With nearly half of the United States imposing higher minimum wages starting in 2020, restaurants also need to focus on optimizing labor costs (especially as a percentage of sales).